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Mara Galvao

Hercules, CA

About Mara Galvao

Hercules, CA

Mara Galvão is an artist who was born and raised in Brazil. She lives in SF Bay Area with her family since 2000.

Her work is an expression of her passion for the beautiful country where she was born. Her paintings reveal the raw, rustic, and natural elements present in the country, while also encompassing the rich, colorful and spontaneous cultural aspects of it.

Mara's process is a combination of techniques she has learned in the US and from working closely with some well-known artists in Brazil. She incorporates pigments, coffee grounds, marble dust along with acrylic, oil, ink, and other mediums into the canvas.

She is always learning and expanding her experiences by exploring the materials she uses on her works.

Mara has been showing her paintings in the US, Brazil, England, Spain, and Japan.

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  • Even though she doesn’t have a formal art education, Mara Galvao has learned from artists in Brazil, workshops and private lessons. She has been working on mastering her craft and furthering her career for over 27 years.,

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