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Miami, FL

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Miami, FL

Born in the summer of 1964 in Russia, Lori Solair is a vivid artist that draws attention with her fine art. Lori hides her true identity under this nickname because she wants her artwork to speak for itself without drawing any attention to her persona.

Many of her oil paintings were carefully researched in Moscow by vivid professors in this area and what they have all discovered is that her artwork has healing powers. The high vibration intensity of positive energy of every one of her paintings improves one’s health and well-being by giving peace and solitude only by watching one of her paintings for a couple of minutes. This has been proven by the many tests that were maintained in Moscow. The interesting touch is that she paints only with a painting knife which gives even more intensity to her artistic expression.

After she understood the power of her art, Lori Solair held private exhibits in Los Angeles, Miami, Germany, and Moscow where people were astounded by the energy her paintings carried. Every oil painting is created under a deep meditation during an extraordinary inspiration where vivid images of beautiful landscapes are shown to her as hidden messages and symbols are embedded in all of them. The timeframe of their complete creation is unknown. Her art is here to carry on the message to the right people who could read between the paint and find the healing peace that they are looking for.

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