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Lior Sack

Cleveland Heights , OH

About Lior Sack

Cleveland Heights , OH

Lior Sack is an Israeli-born Cleveland-based fine art photographer with subjects including the female nude form and abstract architecture.

Lior’s professional career started with insect macro photography capturing what is hidden to the naked eye. He developed a special approach to abstract composition through this work, which led to his present niche in architecture and nudity. He is known for taking novel points of view through his lens to create unique abstract compositions.

“The skeleton of the human body and of an architectural structure are similar. Starting with the human spine and the building’s core, staircases, all the way to the skin and the structure’s exterior- each contain layers of beauty.”

Lior takes great care to surround models with a sense of strength, peace, and comfort during shoots. The session’s first priority is to empower women and respect the female body, allowing him to capture beautiful moments of freedom and confidence.

Lior has traveled the world, calling the United States, England, Sweden, Hong Kong, and Israel home. Throughout Lior’s travels he has captured breathtaking cityscapes, some that induce vertigo, and all of which present a new and dramatic angle to architectural photography.

Lior lives in Cleveland with his wife Dor, their son Fox, and their dog Suky.

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Selected Exhibitions


  • SVA , Studio Lighting
    New York City,2015 

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