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Leslie Dannenberg

Atlanta, GA

About Leslie Dannenberg

Atlanta, GA

For over 30 years Leslie’s career was selling microscopes to scientists, researchers, and surgeons. Moving to New York City, he was inspired to renew his interest in painting. He began studying various art techniques, visiting museums, and galleries. Leslie started photographing scenes all over the city, from the tops of skyscrapers, walkways of Central Park, little Italy’s streets, bookstores, interesting store interiors and exteriors, etc.
Through these endeavors he became a self-taught oil painter, using his photographic library to produce eclectic realistic painting.
Now living in Atlanta, he is selling his paintings on numerous internet websites throughout North America and internationally.

I currently do not have high resolution images of my work, and in the current virus situation my outside activities are limited.
I would suggest you look at my website at www.artpal.com/ldanenberg where over 30 New York City images can be found.
Empire State Building Sunrise
Bread and Focaccia
Central Park Fall
Central Park Winter
University Florist Shop
Sunlit Bookstore
Manhattan Bridge

All of these paintings have good resolution for your clients viewing.
Thank you for considering my work.

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