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Kira Leigh

Boston, MA

About Kira Leigh

Boston, MA

Kira Leigh is a 24 year old MassArt Alumni who graduated in May 2011 with a BFA in Art Education. She currently lives in Boston with her cat Rolly and her partner Jon, making surrealist work (painting, photography, drawing, digital…) that grows organically like a rambling story.

Her work contains elements of gaming and popular culture, and touches upon identity, the self, the body, feminism, co-morbidity and gender.

Using a free association technique known as automatic drawing (and painting), Kira transforms her mediums of choice into psychological self portraits, much like how therapists use word association, only visually.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • Alternative Cafe: Socio Network
    Seaside, California, 2012
  • Yes.Oui.Si Space: The Salon
    Boston, Massachusetts, 2012
  • Quarks Gallery: Intimate Monsters: Solo Show
    Paris, France, 2012
  • Yes.Oui.Si Space: The Salon
    Boston, Massachusetts, 2011

Press and Accolades

  • Juxtapoz Online: Kira Leigh's Erotic Grotesque
    April 11th 2012
  • Walking with the Beast: Intimate Monsters Review
    May 9th 2012
  • the New England Journal of Aesthetic Research: Salon Feature/Review
    March 9th 2012


  • the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Art Education
    Boston, Massachusetts,2011 

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