Kimberly Mufferi Meet

Kimberly Mufferi

Austin, TX

About Kimberly Mufferi

Austin, TX

Kimberly is a freelance photographer based in New York City + Austin, TX, traveling often to explore the globe with camera in hand. Focusing on creating photographs that capture engaging moments and moods, her work allows the viewer to step into the scene, escaping into the experience. As a long time New Yorker, Kimberly’s deep relationship with NYC provokes her intimate interpretation of the inexorable energies and unique perspectives of the city that never sleeps. She also resides in Austin, TX and is creating a new collection focused on the details in the rugged nature and Texas culture.

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Other works by Kimberly Mufferi

Selected Exhibitions

  • Raw Artist
    Brooklyn, 2013

Press and Accolades

  • Gothamist
  • Village Voice
  • People Magazine


  • New York University , Culture and Communications
    New York, NY,2007 

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