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Ames, IA

Unknown Component is the music & art project of Keith Lynch. The project is currently based out of central Iowa and features Lynch on guitars, vocals, piano and drums. As a musician, a songwriter, and a producer, he plays every instrument on all of the Unknown Component recordings, composing every part of every song in his own independent studio.

Unknown Component also consists of Lynch's original artwork in the form of abstract paintings. Working primarily with oil and acrylic on canvas, he creates one of a kind paintings that adorn the walls of his studio providing inspiration for new song ideas.

Born in the small town of West Branch, Iowa, he later moved to Tipton, Iowa around the age of 8. At 16, he taught himself how to play guitar after discovering an old acoustic guitar hidden in the attic of a Victorian house built in the late 1800s.

After graduating high school, he moved again and started writing and recording songs on a four track tape recorder. Some of these songs would eventually find their way onto the first Unknown Component album.

The most recent album 'Autonomous Integrity' was released in 2022

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  • University of Iowa, Philosophy
    Iowa City, Iowa,2009 

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