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Kayla McLeod

Plano, TX

About Kayla McLeod

Plano, TX

Kayla McLeod is a native of Texas who currently resides in Dallas with her husband and their toddler son. While Kayla has always enjoyed painting as a hobby, she never thought much of her art as a profession until her artwork began selling on social media platforms. Currently, Kayla has created artwork for professional business including make-up studios, clothing boutiques, medical offices, and homes. Currently, Kayla’s artwork is featured in the largest spinal and neurosurgery office in the state of Texas at just under 10,000 square foot of office space using only her work. Kayla’s art is inspired by the movement of the ocean and can be described as free-flowing, fluid, effortless, and captivating.

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  • Liberty University , Communication
    Lynchburg, VA,2012 

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