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Kate Avineri

San Pedro, CA

About Kate Avineri

San Pedro, CA

While attending college in the mountains of Vermont, Kate discovered her passion for woodblock printmaking. She was intrigued by the various transformations her art would take through working with such a medium and enjoyed the idea of taking a journey alongside her work and seeing it with new eyes each step of the way. She also had a desire to breathe new life into an ancient art form that seemed to be fading away over time.

Kate’s appreciation for the creative spirit shines through in her vibrant and whimsical woodblock prints, and she takes pride in the amount of detail and color she is able to convey in her work.

Kate’s work has been featured on the cover of singer/songwriter "Jimmie Lunsford’s":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmie_Lunceford album “Jimmie” and she currently works as an artist doing commission work for personal art collections.

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  • Saint Michael's College, Fine Arts
    Colchester, VT,2003 

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