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Justin Rogers

Ankeny, IA

About Justin Rogers

Ankeny, IA

What started out as a hobby in 2013, photography has now turned into a passion for Fort Dodge, Iowa native Justin Rogers. Currently residing in Ankeny, Iowa with his wife Jonah, son Jameson and daughters June and Jersie, Justin is self-employed as a web developer by day and a photographer by night. His somewhat flexible schedule allows him to depart at a moment’s notice anytime a photographic opportunity presents itself. “It’s all about chasing the light”, says Justin. “You could sit in one spot all day long and capture entirely different moods of the same scene due to the constantly changing light. The light can make or break an image.”

Most of Justin’s work consists of rural Iowa landscapes or Des Moines cityscapes but given the right time of year you can also find him photographing wildlife. When he isn’t out making new images, he enjoys leading or assisting in the teaching of local photography workshops. “A friend of mine jumpstarted my career as a photographer and I now enjoy sharing my passion with others. My only regret is that I didn’t start photography sooner but fortunately this is something I can do the rest of my life as well as teach my children about it as well as the great outdoors.”

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