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Josefa Trimmel Tscharmann

San Francisco, CA

About Josefa Trimmel Tscharmann

San Francisco, CA

Art has always been part of my life.
Already as a child I painted and drew to my heart's content. My old exercise books have always been a testimony to it (not always to the delight of the teachers …).

After successfully completing the fashion school in Wiener Neustadt, I spent a year in Vienna and continued to study art.
Among other things, I took an art course at the Academy of Fine Arts and studied fashion drawing at the renowned fashion school Michelbeuern.

I used various stays abroad, among others in England and Switzerland, for further studies, drawing and painting classes. In particular, in London's famous galleries and museums, I had the opportunity to intensively study both the ancient masters and contemporary art.

As a pupil of Professor Werner Otte and Werner Schroffner I was able to perfect the watercolor painting further.
The influence of Ferry Zotter, Da Huang Zhou and Jacobo Borges at the summer academies in Salzburg finally encouraged me to develop into a naturalistic phase of abstract painting.

The inspirations for my pictures are manifold. They find their origin both in my personal condition and my environment, but often arise from music and poetry.

Painting for me is a process of constant change and development. In particular, abstract painting offers me a unique opportunity to express my impressions, thoughts and feelings in color and form.

Since 1987 I show my pictures in single and collective exhibitions at home and abroad.
In addition, I regularly organize exhibitions for and with other artists.

Bernhard Dobrowsky wrote about my exhibitions "Multiplicity":
"Looking is one of the key concepts in the encounter with art. Where only half looked, the life stifles, where is looked away, the life is given.
They are images of a special conception, lines, tangles and traces of color, the suggestion of a landscape. It does not matter if conventional ways of looking at things are turned upside down. You have to trust your own senses. See, feel, smell, hear, taste. "

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