Jose Manuel Gonzalez Carpintero Meet

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Carpintero

Alicante, Santa Pola, Spain

About Jose Manuel Gonzalez Carpintero

Alicante, Santa Pola, Spain

José Manuel Carpintero Gonzalez is a Spanish painter, living on the Mediterranean coast in a small town. His paintings reflect a passion for seascapes and Spanish urban flair. José is especially inspired by the colors, the shapes and the great textures of each landscape. He likes to transmit his perception of reality into a personal vision. He uses pure colors, as they are extremely suitable for catching and retaining light. Palettes, knives, brushes are used for expressing his feelings and emotions. A variety of tools help him to liberate his artistic cravings and to achieve expression. From soft sketches to some more impasto touch, everything is a reason to paint.

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Other works by Jose Manuel Gonzalez Carpintero

Selected Exhibitions

  • Exhibition hall of the municipality
    Spain, Crand Alacant, 2023
  • House of the sea
    Spain, Santa Pola, , 2022


  • Regional School Architectora Morcillo, Bachiller Superior
    Madrid, Spain,1983 

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