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Jorge Moro

Stratford, NJ

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Stratford, NJ

I live to press the shutter button. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing I've captured what I set out to capture. My photography can be described as contrarian in nature; I can shoot bright, colorful images one minute and then switch to moody B&W’s the next. I am much more comfortable behind the lens of a camera than in front of it. That is one of the reasons I believe I gravitated towards photography as a teenager. My whole objective is to show pretty pictures. I know this sounds trite; but to me, this is what it's all about. I want to bring out the beauty and exquisiteness of everything around me. I believe we have enough pessimism surrounding us so we don't need to see more. I have sold thousands and thousands of images around the world in my thirty years for every purpose from corporate annual reports to billboards ona highway – and no matter its use or purpose, I am always honored and humbled that someone enjoyed my work enough to want to exhibit the image in their home or office, or for their business representation. From the bottom of my heart I thank everyone who views my images.

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Other works by Jorge Moro

Selected Exhibitions

  • Cider Mill
    Kennebunkport, Maine, 2021
  • Cider Mill Press
    Kennebunkport, Maine, 2013
  • Philadelphia Art Academy
    Philadelphia, PA, 2011
  • CC Cultural & Heritage Commission
    National Program 1st place Winner, 2008
  • Hachette Books
    New York City, 2008
  • Running Press Books Publishers
    Philadelphia, 2007

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