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Jonathan Severin

Montréal, Canada

About Jonathan Severin

Montréal, Canada

Self taught artist, born in Montréal in 1977,
Jonathan Séverin paintings explore chromatic
interactions through the illusion of transparency
and sequencing of the different colors. The gradient
effects of brightness, radiance and depth result
from the precise mixing and assembly of different
tones in his pictorial space. The straight and precise
lines eliminate any distraction to let the colours
express their full potential.

His works are intended to be a transposition of
human experience that seeks to arm the energy
of the individual's capacity to see rather than to
describe the world that surrounds us. The general
aspect of the paintings are intended to be minimal
to allow human sensitivity to access optical
instability as a mirror of the experience of seeing.

By removing the barriers that limit our ability to
see, his work unveils new perspectives as a
phenomenon of visual sensations. It invites us to
take note of our visual means and to enter into
contact with the artist's consciousness in order
to maintain a relationship as a logical continuation
of the multiple relationships that the artist strives
to establish.

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