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John Jorgenson

Boston, MA

About John Jorgenson

Boston, MA

John defines form with an expert use of color to bring creatures of fancy to life. Birds and monsters coexist in stacked San Fran flats. His owls send you to a story book and tree house towns put you in Ewok territory. John is a very stoic man, reserved but with a biting wit if you catch it the first time. His paintings leave the viewer wondering where this circus of colorful creatures resides in his brain. It is the wit that gives a glimpse behind the curtain.

Primarily a self taught artist, John is already a man of the world at the age of 31. Starting out in North Carolina, his family relocated to Sandwich, MA, where the small ocean town proximity fostered a creative spirit through his teen years. He then worked and exhibited in Boston before jet setting off to San Francisco- where influence on his work can be seen in stacked skyscrapers and bridges. He currently resides in rural Maryland painting at his studio.

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