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Jessica Tallman

Modesto, CA

About Jessica Tallman

Modesto, CA

Jessica Tallman is a fine art photographer specializing in landscapes, nature, and natural abstractions of wilderness and urban life.

Her art expresses the timeless elegance of nature in a way that enlightens, soothes, inspires, and renews. Jessica incorporates rich color, sculpted light, sensitive details, sweeping vistas, as well as clean lines and geometric shapes into her work. Supporting it all is her commitment to telling the story of a place in an authentic and emotionally compelling way.

A trained sensory scientist and accomplished writer, Jessica's work is imbued with the intense feeling and emotion of each place she photographs: the ethereal silence of a desert canyon, the sinuous trace of an alpine stream, and the heady aroma of wildflowers in profuse bloom are all moments she captures through camera and careful editing. Her sensitive compositions of Yosemite and her eloquent black and white images have gained her many comparisons to pioneer photographer Ansel Adams.

Jessica offers many large statement pieces, including multi panel displays that can be used to create focal points in grand spaces. She also specializes in nature abstracts that add unobtrusive texture, tone, and color to quiet environments such as hallways and sleeping areas. With her background in human sensation and perception, Jessica is highly skilled at assisting her clients in creating art collections that fit and enhance their environments – and with a portfolio spanning 10 years, she has a piece for every place!

Jessica prints her images on a variety of archival quality mediums, including fine art paper, gallery canvas, and metal. Her experience with lighting and interior design ensures that each installation displays perfectly for generations to come.

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