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Jesús Núñez Rábano

Summit, NJ

About Jesús Núñez Rábano

Summit, NJ

Jesús Núñez Rábano is an autodidact contemporary artist based in the New York City area. His art collections — with their varied styles, techniques, and materials — reflect his eclectic background as a graffiti artist, chef, and food photographer. Prior to trading in his knives for paintbrushes, Jesus led the helms of renowned restaurants in New York City and Madrid, including three of his own: Gastroarte, Polenta, and Flou.

Just as his paintings and decor feature mesmerizing and unexpected combinations of color, texture, and form, so do Jesus’ culinary creations. In its review of Jesus’ first New York restaurant, The New York Times called his cuisine edible art and compared Jesus to famed Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali.

Throughout his career, Jesus has proven himself a highly creative visionary who pushes boundaries and activates the senses with art that must be experienced. Born in Barcelona, Jesus grew up in Madrid before moving to New York City. He lives with his wife and two children, who provide him with daily inspiration.

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