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Jason Thomas

Denver, CO

About Jason Thomas

Denver, CO

Jason is an encaustic artist who creates unique paintings rich in color, texture, and depth.

He often gets asked, “What is encaustic painting?” Encaustic painting uses heated wax with colored pigments and applies the wax to canvas, tile, wood, and various other surfaces. By using a variety of tools such as heat guns, irons, wax stylus and other tools, Jason can manipulate the wax before it cools onto the surface. The process creates vibrant, fluid abstract paintings that capture color and energy in motion.

By capturing color and energy in motion, Jason's art explores the physical and psychological alchemy that underlies the emotions we experience in our lives. To him, emotions are nothing more than energy in motion—physical, emotional, and psychic energy. This energy is much like the wind in that we never see it, but we can feel its power and see its effect.

It is this energy that ultimately gives us life, purpose and motivation. It is from an ethereal source and is what binds us all together in this human experience. Everything else is merely an expression of it.

This is the message behind Jason’s art. Through the use of color and energy, he gives a face to emotions and the energy behind them—an energy that is woven into our lives.

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