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Jarrett Hendrix

Cheltenham, MD

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Cheltenham, MD

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Jarrett Hendrix is an artist that specializes in many types of creative expression. Using a combination of painting, drawing, writing, and photography, these things are all weaved together to tell unique story.

Jarrett also works as commercial photographer. He has worked with clients such as; McDonald’s, Mercedes Benz, Bose, The National Football League, The Philadelphia Eagles, Apple, Nationals Philanthropies, Swatch, Jack Daniels, and Barclays to name a few. In addition, he also works as a commercial and residential real estate photographer for clients such as Capital One Careers, Mindspace, Keller Williams, AirBNB, and RE/MAX.

Jarrett is the founder of Creative Hands Studio, which provides a space for local artists to express themselves creatively. It serves as a photography studio, art gallery, and hosts workshops and classes for creatives in the city. Since 2016 he has hosted the Community Collective Photography Showcase, which provides an opportunity for artists to present their work with no cost to them. This has allowed many opportunities, which include the participation of the Story Makers Festival with Apple. This festival was for the grand opening of the new flagship Apple store in Washington DC and included individuals in the area that made a significant impact in the creative community. One of the duties of the participants was the hosting of a “Today at Apple” session.

Jarrett believes that the practice of creative expression is a very powerful tool. Through mediums such as social media, printed work, written and spoken words, the power to spread a positive message is more possible now than it has ever been. He believes in providing an opportunity for the art community to express themselves through these mediums.

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