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James Sedgwick

San Antonio, TX

About James Sedgwick

San Antonio, TX

Born 1979, San Antonio, Texas

I'm an abstract painter and digital artist, currently residing in San Antonio, Texas. I'm a self-taught artist, with no formal training or education in art.

My abstract painting work involves high contrast color and viscous texture. A fascinating theme that continues to emerge in my paintings is the view of the earth from the sky. The first thing I had serious interest in painting was a satellite photo of Vietnamese rice fields. The color and geometry of that photo grabbed my attention and refused to let go. As I've progressed as a painter, I'm finding that my paintings are unintentionally hearkening back to that, appearing increasingly topographic or geographic in that way.

My digital work consists of two facets – landscapes and abstracts. The landscapes are altered versions of photographs that I've taken. I've altered them to convey our collective desire for beauty via our nostalgia for things that we've experienced. Sadly our memory only allows us to remember bits and pieces of that experience, hence the altered view of those memories.

My abstract digital pieces are my attempt to find beauty in simple shapes by manipulating color and adding texture to make the pieces much more organic.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • Local Coffee
    San Antonio, TX, 2014

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