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Sharon, MA

Inna Geyyer is Boston based architectural designer and artist. Originally from Ukraine she has master’s degree in architecture and 10 years of experience in design field. Drawing and painting always was a strong base for her design practice. About 3 years ago she started showing and selling her art in USA on local exhibitions and online and now more than 50 of her artworks was sold for private collections. As an artist she specializes in organic abstract art. She is working in acrylic paints on stretched canvas with different mixed techniques and using wide variety of paint tools – brushes, knives, pieces of cardboard, sponges and even fingers and hands. She is naming Mikhail Vrubel and Valery Koshlyakov as the main influencers of her art.

‘My art practice is mostly expressive and intuitive, but It also has a global conception. It takes a critical view of global relationships between human and nature. I think people sometimes forgetting they are a part of nature and surrounding their selves with too many synthetic things. And sometimes having something green and wild in your space is treating soul.
With my architectural and 3d graphics background I relish building volumes, capturing the light, diving into space working on my artworks. I am mad about sculptural organic forms, I feel like wild nature is magically occupying my canvas with my hand and that is super satisfying process. And what a pleasure to see how my nature inspired creations are living in cool contemporary interiors.
I like to leave my artworks a little unfinished, unperfect, I think it’s adding charm, diversity and decadence look. My goal now is to raise my art performance and increase the scale of my works. I also have a dream to work on a super large wall mural.’

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Other works by Inna Geyyer

Selected Exhibitions

  • Spring Vibes
    Kiev, Ukraine, 2011


  • DonNACEA, Master of Architecture
    Donetsk, Ukraine,2012 

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