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Hratch Isirelian

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Whittier, CA

Hratch Israelian is an Armenian-American artist, inventor, writer, and animator. He introduced
the most efficient and democratic process of painting to the art world.

Early life

Israelian was born June 7, 1956, in Yerevan, Soviet Armenia (former
He received an elementary education at K. Abovyan High School. In 1972, he laid down the
foundation for a new painting process. His work identified with Soviet
Nonconformist Art. His paintings have been displayed in the Artist Union
of Armenia and Home of Art Workers. Soviet art circles considered his
new method as a new painting style and its significant potentials were
ignored. In 1980, Israelian emigrated to the United States and the
Ministry of Culture of the USSR gave official permission to Export 115
of his paintings which went through intense scrutiny for possible

Artist and Inventor

The paintings Israelian created in the 1970s have been in contact with the turning points of modern history, but they remain ignored. Hispersonal talents and skills are not in question here. Israelian’s art is about other people’s infinite imagination and hidden talents, and his job is to make the painting process easy
and affordable so everyone can try. Israelian invented a new painting process that manually produces maximum speed,
size and quality, with minimal cost and labor. From 1996 Israelian started writing an epic poem, called "Bread and
Wine.” The book tides the contemporary cinematic genres to the literary
traditions of the deep past. From
2002 Israelian worked on the staging of his epic poem through 3D animation
by creating all 100 characters as high-resolution digital sculptures.
Israelian lives and works in Los Angelos.

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