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Holger Mischke

Viersen, Germany

About Holger Mischke

Viersen, Germany

Holger Mischke is a photographer, musician, and writer. His website is www.holgermischke.com.

In his work, he combines black and white photography with prosaic texts, describing the world filtered through the world inside him. The photographs record moments at locations ranging from his living room to far away places and the words reflect the thoughts he had, the emotions he felt making the photograph. This combination is meant to inspire the viewer to find their own narrative in his images. He believes when the same mindfulness and openness that he tries to practice finding and crafting these images are practiced looking at them, a photograph and a viewer can find each other and have a real connection. A connection that involve the viewer, the artist, the print, and the reality it represents, and so the circle is complete.

The photos are all captured on digital cameras and he uses the processes and possibilities of the digital darkroom to further carve out priorities and emphasis in the images and map out the journey through the picture. Both in the cameras and in post-production lie any number of specific features and creative possibilities of the relatively young art form that digital photography has come to be. And still, the final product is the print as a piece of art to actually hold and appreciate.

Holger has worked with his mentor, and friend Harold Davis as well as British professor of photography Paul Hill.

Holger has written for Harold Davis' blog and Kevin Raber's photopxl.com and has done presentations on John Cornicello's Conversations and for Sheldon Long's fineartpapers.ie.

Holger Mischke (born 1967) lives in Viersen, Germany with his fiancee Christina and their dogs Leah and Ben. Although photography, music, and writing are his musician, he also cares for mentally handicapped persons part-time.

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Other works by Holger Mischke

Selected Exhibitions

  • Königsburg Süchteln
    Viersen, Germany, 2019
  • Kulturcafe Papperlapapp
    Tönisvorst, Germany, 2019
  • Festival Viersen OpenArt
    Viersen Germany, 2017
  • Hotel De Ville of Orsay
    Orsay, France, 2016

Press and Accolades

  • "Holger Mischke not only manages to capture nature's poetry with his camera, but also to put the poetry of his thoughts into words." - Westdeutsche Zeitung
    January 11, 2019
  • "Holger Mischke has a sense for lines and waves, for the geometry of a landscape." - Rheinische Post
    January 11, 2019
  • "I admire your landscape and seascapes where it is lovely to get lost in the clouds. " - Barry Iverson
    August 1, 2020
  • "I've been impressed with his photography since we've been working together, and particularly his analysis and thought processes regarding the work which are uniquely his." - Harold Davis
    June 27, 2018

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