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Toronto, Canada

Lord Mexa is a young vibrant artist from Mexico based in Toronto. He moved to explore the world when he was 18 starting with the UK, USA, Spain and finally Canada where he continues to create art. His first art competition in 2012 awarded him with the 3rd prize at York University – Glendon Campus Visual Arts competition. His piece "The Great Wave Collage" generated positive reviews by the audience and the press.
After couple years of pause in the visual arts, Lord Mexa developed a strong skill set in the graphic design and music production fields, releasing on local and international labels. His portfolio of graphic and video editing consists of music art covers, music visuals and lifestyle such as clothing.
Back on track Lord Mexa reinitiated his visual arts endeavours by producing a visually vibrant collection titled "Neon Et Cyborgs".
This is truly the time when the artist discovered his signature style. If we could define it with couple words it would be "abstract pop" or "everything neon" as he would mention.
His thematic into this signature style comprehends heavy use of neon and vivid colours along with mixed media with a strong incorporation of tech materials. The audience can appreciate recurring elements on his compositions, namely, neon lights that react to the music.
Lord Mexa is enthusiastic as his last piece extended to sculptural work, making a strong statement of his style with his "sculpture pop remixes".
As of current and future plans, Lord Mexa has upcoming projects of murals at retail spaces and nightclubs alike. Themes of futuristic colours, marble and heavy use of neon lights are expected.
Stay tuned and welcome to the pop side of the force.

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  • York University, Political Science

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