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Hava Gurevich

Ann Arbor, MI

About Hava Gurevich

Ann Arbor, MI

Hava Gurevich’s canvases pulsate with life. Bright colors and botanical motifs dance and tangle in abstract environments that bear resemblance to microscopic scans of cellular structures. “I am inspired by the elegant intricacy of patterns in nature that repeat on both small and large scales across a variety of lifeforms, from single cell amoebas to entire ecosystems.” The creative process for these works begins with drawing and photography. Images of daily encounters with nature and sketches of textures and details morph into lines, shapes and colors in acrylic paint. Patterns are abstracted and undulate across the canvas, forming the foundation of Gurevich’s visual language. Images from the imagination blend with botanical elements in vivid color combinations. These works capture the dynamics of nature and the constant state of growth and decay; the passage of death and the birth of new life.

Hava Gurevich was born in Russia and spent part of her childhood in Israel before moving with her family to Ann Arbor, Michigan. She received her B.F.A. in photography from the University of Michigan in 1990 and her M.F.A. in painting from the Illinois State University in 1998.
Professionally she has worked in the arts for more than twenty years as a photographer, educator, art dealer, web designer, and art curator.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • UM Matthaei Botanical Gardens
    Ann Arbor, 2022
  • The Common Cup
    Ann Arbor, 2019
  • University Hospital, Main Lobby
    Ann Arbor, MI, 2018
  • The Amster Gallery
    JCC of Ann Arbor, 2017
  • artsites
    Riverhead, NY, 2013
  • Museum of Contemporary Art at the Ozarks
    Hot Springs, AR, 2011


  • Illinois State University, MFA
    Normal IL,1998 
  • Illinois State University, MA
    Normal, IL,1995 
  • University of Michigan, BFA
    Ann Arbor, MI,1990 

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