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Brooklyn, NY


My name is Greg Jefferson and I am a Brooklyn NY based photographer. I have been doing photography for about 9 years. I developed my passion for photography as a child while helping my grandfather take pictures during family and church events. As a teenager I turned to drawing as my creative outlet, but then I turned back to photography again as an adult. I started off just doing casual street photography when I went on trips and later turned to doing events once friends found out I had a camera. I know they say you should stick to one field in photography, but I really enjoy the craft of photography. So you will see from my work, my images range from fine art, portraits, and events. I have learned to develop a creative style for each genre.

Artist Statement

For me, the creative aspect of photography starts after the image has been recorded by the camera. It is then that I am able to infuse the image with my creative vision and style. When I create my images I want them to capture the emotions of the moment and make the viewer feel as if they were there. I have an old school mentality when it comes to editing my photos. I do not believe in digitally manipulating images to add elements that were not initially in the frame when I captured the image. I only remove elements that may affect the overall aesthetics and my creative goal for the piece. My creativity is expressed in my work by creating images that are in black and white.

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Other works by Gregory Jefferson

Selected Exhibitions

  • LinkNYC
    New York City, 2019


  • North Carolina A&T State University, Animal Science
    Greensboro, NC,2008 

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