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Albany, NY

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Albany, NY

Gregory Maxwell Dunn,(aka. D-BAR), is a self taught artist who works with a vast variety of mediums. Growing up in the small town of Altamont, NY, at the age of eight, he began creating multi dimensional drawings of trains, cars and space stations to fill his time. Even at this young age, Greg's drawings were so detailed and precise, they seemed to jump off the page and come to life. His current work, which is strongly focused on facial montages, illuminates the extravagant imagination that he still carries with him as a grown man. Each face is comprised of a multitude of thoughts, which create characters that depict stories of everyday life. Junkies, drunks and the homeless, are brought to life in natural settings and urban scenes in a manor that captures their inner turmoil and evokes emotion. Greg's favorite "canvas" is essentially any inanimate object that he can paint on, such as; old wood, scrap metal, skateboards, cardboard, etc.  He's also know for the elaborate sculptures he creates using random items he finds at garage sales, junkyards, or abandoned in friends basements. His work has been displayed in Galleries and skate-shops across NY State and featured in "Thrasher Magazine" multiple times. He strives to further incorporate his artwork into the skateboard community with his unique logos and products.

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