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Norfolk, VA

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Norfolk, VA

Born in Norfolk, Virginia, as the youngest of seven, he never really considered himself an artist, until the last few years. He had always been intrigued by photography and has had a great appreciation for it since he picked up his first National Geographic, but the thought of being a photographer, never seemed to be an option.

He spent twelve years in the Army, where he was stationed all over the world, including Europe and Asia. At this point he was using film, (as was the rest of the world,) and it really only seemed to him a hobby. Well the wheels of fate turned, time passed, and he find himself married with a child on the way… Photography now even seemed to be less of a possibility.

When he picked up a camera the world became a different place, but with the cost of film and developing photography was still relegated to remaining only a hobby. It wasn’t until inexpensive digital technology became widespread, that the possibility became an option.

With the help of family and friends (after a messy divorce) it became possible to attend the Virginia Beach Art Institute, (an offshoot of the Atlanta Art Institute) where he obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts, as an Honor Graduate. The school taught him so much he had never considered and allowed him to foster my own style of shooting. During this time he received recognition for work submitted in the Stockley Gardens Art Festival, where he received recognition for ‘Best Emerging Artist.’ from that point he decided that fine art was the only course he really wished to follow.

Fate delivered him to Pennsylvania, where he had been fortunate enough to be accepted for a gallery show at the Chambersburg Fine Art Council during Icefest 2014, which he was informed was a pretty big event around there. Also, one of his pieces had been selected for the first cut in Basho’s Onward Compe International Photo Competition, of which he was one of the top 85 out of 2000 entries.

He is back in Norfolk now and sees himself exploring more Cubist Photography and Abstract Expressionism. He believes photography is so much of an art form than most people give it credit. He intends to push the limits of his camera and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Gregg Morgan, BFA Photography

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Other works by Gregg Morgan

Selected Exhibitions

  • Norfolk Arts - Billboard Competition
    Tidewater Virginia, 2016
  • Chambersburg Fine Art Council
    Chambersburg, PA, 2014
  • 34th Annual Stockley Gardens Art Festival
    Norfolk, VA, 2012


  • Art Institute of Virginia Beach, BFA, Photography
    Virginia Beach, VA,2013 

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