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Glenn Wexler

Chicago , IL

About Glenn Wexler

Chicago , IL

I mainly create photo-based urban themed artworks and installations with a cultural, environmental, and space awareness. Through the use of large format printed media, some of my installations are presented as wallpaper and window films, while others are fabricated using backlit acrylic panels supported by bracketed lengths of aluminum. My ongoing Transit Series presents a photographic journey through several cities around the world. These LED illuminated installations explore my long obsession with urban settings and the concept of mapping a route through them. The various photographs featured in this body of work are all shot spontaneously along my path, mainly in and around transit stations, city centers, and culturally active neighborhoods, and when seamed together they are meant to evoke a continuous urban experience. This approach to composing photographs in narrow strips, for me, is much like the process of filmmaking or creating a journal of images in lieu of words. I’m also interested in documenting the existence and placement of nature within the close proximity of architecture, honoring architects that draw inspiration from the natural world. Additionally, I take great consideration as to how a displayed work conforms and creates dialogue with a given location, bridging art, design, and function. In the end, my work is not just an exploration of a city or place; it’s an outlet to follow and share my sense of discovery and to encourage social curiosity.

Over the past several years I have created many site-specific installations and artworks, some temporary and others permanent, for the City of Chicago, the Hyde Park Art Center, the Elmhurst Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, and for a variety of patrons at the Zolla-Lieberman Gallery in Chicago.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • Art Miami 2019, Zolla-Lieberman Gallery - International Fair
    Miami, FL, 2019
  • Lights Unfolded, Zolla-Lieberman Gallery - Solo Exhibition
    Chicago, IL, 2018
  • Glass Flower, Lincoln Park Conservatory, Interior Installation, Permanent
    Chicago, IL, 2017
  • Expo Chicago 2016, Zolla-Lieberman Gallery, Navy Pier, International Fair
    Chicago, IL, 2016
  • Transit 14Edgewater Public Library, Interior Installation,
    Chicago, IL , 2015

Press and Accolades

    Feb. 2018
    June 2015
    April 2009

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