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Glen Nadeau

Los Angeles, CA

About Glen Nadeau

Los Angeles, CA

Born in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont in 1979, Glen is the youngest of two children from an incredibly supportive English and French-Canadian family. After receiving a degree in public relations from Champlain College, Glen soon realized that visual art was a better fit.

Inspiration first called when he came face to face with blank apartment walls that reached as high as his cathedral ceilings stood. He knew something had to be done, so he picked up a paintbrush and found himself submerged in geometric shapes.

Glen takes a minimalist approach to his pieces and focuses on negative space, encouraging the viewer to personalize each piece with their own experience. For his latest show, Glen chose to dedicate each piece to the women of the 1920’s. Many female names from that era are making a popular resurgence today and Glen feels they perfectly represent both the modern and classic aspects of his newest paintings.

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