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Georgia Chagas

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

About Georgia Chagas

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Georgia Chagas was born on November 24, 1977, in the City of Rio de Janeiro, where she currently lives. A teacher of Portuguese / Literature, postgraduate degree in clinical philosophy and a Plastic Artist. Always a passionate for expressing herself through speech and writing, but she felt a need to seek new forms of expressiveness.

She started her art trajectory in 2011, marked by a daily restlessness and all the issues that cross the feminine and its fissures, where the existential role played by the artist's unfolds through painting. Due to her deep sensitivity, she manifests through a free expressiveness all the different forms of Feelings.

Self-taught in traditional painting and apprentice in digital arts. Much of her work was produced in an "intuitive" mode, because, when affected, she comes in contact with her own emotions, moving away from her epistemology. She considers artists Amedeo Modigliani, Frida Kahlo and Vincent Van Gogh real life inspirations.

The artist wants to touch the other and take him to an inner intimate space of the Being.

Artist Statement
“The enunciation through the overflow of sensations. My verses are free and beyond. Neither oral nor written. My verses are the Poetics of Feeling."
Georgia Chagas

I observe my processes within art through sensations, in order to reflect the relationship of the internal movements with the spontaneity of emotions, the selective aestheticity with free expressiveness.

The analysis of my movements is an attempt to locate searches, inversions, time, places and also a way to learn how to deal with structural conflicts of the thought.

In an onslaught to host narratives of silences and build an intimacy with words that compose my senses, I seek affective exchanges, in poetry, in philosophy, in the images of nature and thus get glimpses of new perceptual movements.

On this curved-cloudy affective path, I examine the possibilities of a body suspended from its complex structures, of their emotions, analyzing dialogues promoted by all issues that concern the process, with the purpose of locating myself existentially.

The Poetics of Feelings declares all structural movements, perceptive, instinctive that transform, fit together, and complete each other, outlining my existential map. Art marks the meeting and the transition.

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Other works by Georgia Chagas

Selected Exhibitions

  • Suburbanidades - O Lugar da Periferia na Arte Contemporânea
    Online edition, 2021
  • Ocupação Artística – Arte, agoniza mas não morre, Nelson Sargento 9.7, July 2021;
    Espaço Travessia – Núcleo de Cultura, Ciência e Saúde, 2021
  • Rio 40 Graus
    ZAGUT Gallery, Copacabana, 2020
  • Free Theme, May 2019;
    SBBA - Sociedade Brasileira de Belas Artes, 2019
  • Festival de Esculturas do Rio, Installation Torre de Babel; collaborative art in 4 artworks with artists Ângelo Milani, Otávio Avancini, Paulo Jorge Gonçalves, curator Paulo Branquinho
    Casa França-Brasil, 2019
  • Arte de Portas Abertas em Santa Teresa/Lapa, 29th edition
    Espaço NIX, Santa Teresa, 2019
  • Suburbanidades - O Lugar da Periferia na Arte na Contemporânea
    Centro Cultural Phabrika, 2019
  • Suburbanidades - O Lugar da Periferia na Arte Contemporânea
    Espaço Travessia – Núcleo de Cultura, Ciência e Saúde, 2018
  • Diálogos com o Vazio, Sept 2017.
    Espaço Travessia – Núcleo de Cultura, Ciência e Saúde, 2017


  • Casa da Filosofia Clínica, Clinical Philosophy
    Niterói, RJ, Brazil,2018 
  • UCAM - Universidade Cândido Mendes, Portuguese and Literature
    Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil,2015 

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