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Denver, CO

Painting is a dance on canvas. When the artist is caught up in the creative process they can almost see the dance. In her study of art she learned to design with an intuitive sense, weaving together the elements of design with the theme or content of the artwork. All of her work is dependent on form, color and composition; believing that some of the most complex emotions can be described by the most simple forms. She is constantly mixing and matching to find a balance between tension and harmony, spontaneity and control and empty and active space. Throughout her artistic journey she experimented with abstraction as well as various mediums that pushed her into new and unexplored areas. With this new way of working, she developed a love of using both geometric and biomorphic shapes that has expanded her artistic vision.
Growing up on Long Island, New York she currently resides in Denver, Colorado. Her business career commenced in Airline Management culminating in the Executive Recruiting industry. Simultaneously she studied sculpture with Internationally renowned Sculptor Leonda Finke for many years. Her interest to expand her abilities guided her to the National Academy of Fine Art as well as the Blackburn Printmaking Studio, NYC. Working and learning with many talented instructors, artist Katherine Chang Liu has been an important mentor. These formative experiences became the foundation for a career as an artist and sparked a lifetime of continued learning.

Gay German Painter – Sculptor – Printmaker

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Other works by Gay Germain

Selected Exhibitions

  • artis-naples Baker Museum
    Naples Florida, 2018
  • Foolproof Contemporary Art
    RiNo Denver Colorado,


  • the Ringling College of Art and Design,
    Sarasota, Florida 
  • the American Indian Art Institute,
    Santa Fe 
  • the Taos Institute of Art,
    Taos- New Mexico 

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