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Gary Hoff

Des Moines, IA

About Gary Hoff

Des Moines, IA

Gary Hoff is a lifelong artist whose earliest art memory is winning a local art contest at age 8. His grandmother’s gift of a small set of oils when he was 13 sent him on a lifelong journey of exploration through that medium and a number of others. As is common, the byways of life wandered through other careers as an Air Force pilot, interventional cardiologist, and medical school professor. Regardless, he always made art and often sold it. Since leaving Des Moines University he is at last a full-time artist producing paintings in oil, watercolor, and casein. As part of his dedication to craft, he continues exploring mediums of expression, recently including silverpoint in his investigations.

Gary’s work is firmly based in reality but his interest is more in paint and light than detailed rendering. His paintings are obviously paint.

Today, with more than three-fourths of the United States residing in cities, it seems to him that a landscape most commonly should be of a city scene. Given the population density of cities, those landscapes are bound to include people of all persuasions and with all sorts of personal stories.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • The Greenwich Village Show, Salmagundi Club of New York
    New York City, 2018
  • Des Moines Women's Club Show & Sale
    Des Moines, IA, 2017
  • Thumb Box Exhibition, Salmagundi Club of New York
    New York City, 2017
  • Spring Auction Salmagundi Club of New York
    New York City, 2015
  • Annual Black & White Show, Salmagundi Club of New York
    New York City, 2013
  • representing Reality, Venezuelan Gallery
    New York City, 2005

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