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Eduardo Suarez

Troy, MI

About Eduardo Suarez

Troy, MI

Eduardo is an abstract expressionist artist on oil and acrylic over canvas who defines his work as vivid and joyful with a hint of warm Latin feel. Eduardo’s talent and technique has been recognized and respected by other contemporary artists in domestic and international markets where his work is present (USA, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina)

Eduardo Suarez Uribe-Holguín is a Colombian Artist born in Bogotá city, blood related to artists like Paul Gauguin, Margarita Holguín y Caro and Luis Caballero. He got his degree in arts and music from Universidad Javeriana and Cristancho de Bogotá academy in music and arts, also, graduated with a degree in scenic arts from Charlotte de Bogotá academy and various art seminars in Italy and Colombia.

A sample of his work is attached in this presentation, please visit for more insight

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Other works by Eduardo Suarez

Selected Exhibitions

  • Colombian Consulate in Miami
    Miami, FL, 2015


  • Universidad Javeriana, Arts and Musin
    Bogota, Colombia,1996 
  • Cristancho University, Arts and Music
    Bogota, Colombia 

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