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Montreal, Canada

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Montreal, Canada

Frederic Larose is a Montreal-based Fine-Art photographer specializing in urban and architectural photography.
Frédéric started photography and started his career using only different Polaroid devices. This allowed him to acquire a sharp and precise eye, to become a photographer recognized for his management of natural light and to be hyper-fussy about form and framing.
He now acts as Photographer-Galerist and serves as judge for various photo contests.
A photographer with a reputation for having one of the finest collections of photographs in New York, he also offers workshops in New York and Montreal where he takes his clients to the best places to photograph the skyline of the city. City while providing several technical advice.
He is also author of a blog that lists the best known but mostly unrecognized places in New York where to have the best views of the city.
Author of the Metropolis signature series
"The Metropolis project is a series of photographs that highlight, in an exacerbated way, all the energy, vibrancy and complexity of urban landscapes.
The photographs of this series are made with a technique adapted to the film which consists of multiple openings in exposure of 2 to 5 minutes, this technique makes it possible to push back the graphic limits of the architectural and urban photography.
Each shot can take from 15 to 30 minutes, this series is a work of precision in composition and detail.
Here's what sums up his work perfectly …
Everything is a matter of time and passion …
Time to discover his way, his style, his signature …
The time to do the tracking, long hikes, incalculable hours of walking, searching for the perfect place … with 40 pounds of material on the shoulders …
The time to make the same journeys, those who have caught my attention several times, at different times of the day or night, has different times of the year in the hope of finding the perfect light, the best variation .. .
Take the time to make the shooting I like the most, find the best place or install the tripod, find the optimal angle of attack and trigger for long exposures of 2 to 5 minutes … and start again That my requirement is met.
It is also taking the time to do a meticulous post-production work in the hope of getting the perfect vision, the one I had in mind when shooting.
But all that does not mean anything without the passion of each of these marvelous moments …

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