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Frank Messer Iv

Lexington, MA

About Frank Messer Iv

Lexington, MA

Originally from the "Live Free or Die" state of New Hampshire, Frank has lived in Boston, San Diego and Los Angeles. He started in photography about 5 years ago taking pictures of landscapes and street scenes. Frank quickly became fascinated by digital photography and continued to try different genres like Portraiture, Wedding and Long Exposure. In 2015, he started working at Samy's Camera in Hollywood, CA. There, he got to learn everything imaginable about photography and the industry. Over the years, Frank has learned many different photographic methods such as strobe lighting setups, and underwater photography, just to name a few.

Photography is the tool that allows Frank to connect to the world. He believes that each person and moment has an essence that can be captured through a camera. He typically carries a camera wherever he goes. When Frank's not shooting, you can find him listening to records, going to concerts, and spending time with his lovely wife.

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