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Francoise Gerard

Los Angeles, CA

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Los Angeles, CA

Francoise Gerard is a self taught artist who was discovered by Rene Magritte’s best friend, writer Louis Scutenaire. Francoise was commissioned to do the illustrations for several of his poetry books and first showed her work in Belgium. She moved to the US in the early eighties.
Influenced by surrealism, her paintings tell stories about vulnerability and the passage of time. Her Dog Series are humoristic metaphors other Series like Trespassers or Fractured Dreams are social comments inspired by personal experience.
Her work captures intriguing moments where the familiar has become precarious but where our human nature finds hope and beauty in questioning what is about to vanish. Beautifully executed in a rich layered palette, with meticulous attention to details, her oil paintings are enticing and reveal themselves continually over time.

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