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Flo Meylan

Scottsdale, AZ

About Flo Meylan

Scottsdale, AZ

Born and raised in Paris where Flo completed her art and design education, she is now an artist living and working in Arizona. The beautiful landscapes of where she lives help keep her mind focused on art.

Flo primarily paint animal portraits and try to give them life using dynamic colors and brush strokes. She paints them the way she sees them: as intelligent beings, so beautiful and similar to us. They each have their own personality, and this is what transpires in her work.

Animals are a big part of nature and Flo believes that’s why she loves painting them so much. Painting an animal portrait helps connect her to nature. They are fascinating, so intelligent but in a different way than humans are. And yet, despite all those differences, we are very much capable of creating strong bonds with them. From wild to domestic, the animal kingdom is so diverse. Flo will never bore of depicting them.

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Other works by Flo Meylan


  • Bellecour Ecole D'Art, Art & Design
    Lyon, France,2014 

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