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Eva Buchmuller

New York, NY

About Eva Buchmuller

New York, NY

I received my degree in fine arts from The Hungarian University of Fine Art in 1967, in Budapest. As one of the founding members of the award-winning Squat Theater, I designed and built all the sets for the theater for which I earned several awards. These included a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1990 for visuals in theater design and a New York Foundation for the Arts fellowship in 1989. I received an OBIE Award in 1988 “for sustained excellence in set design”, an American Theater Wing Award in 1988 “for noteworthy and unusual effects for scenic design” for the play “Dreamland Burns”, and a second American Theater Wing Award in 1986 for art and stage design for the play “L Train to El Dorado”. I have done several installations and exhibits including “Rituals of Rented Island” in 2023 at the Whitney Museum of American Art, “Mr. Dead & Mrs. Free: a History of Squat Theatre” in 1996 in Artists Space, ”Mr. Dead & Mrs. Free Cafe” in 1998 at MoMA P.S 1. I paint flowers as an exercise to learn about paint, color, and living presence. It is the same idea I practiced staging performances: how to make something present and alive.
For the past 30 years, I have made my living doing decorative painting for private and commercial clients in New York City. I maintain a studio in Brooklyn.

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Selected Exhibitions

Press and Accolades

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  • The Hungarian University of Fine Art, BA in Visual Art
    Budapest, Hungary,1967 

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