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Chicago, IL

About Eric Formato

Chicago, IL

Eric is a Chicago born and based Italian/Danish self-taught artist who is passionate about capturing the vibrancy of life. He produces an intense original form of photography, founded in an organic process that takes place his heart, mind, and soul. He loves to capture cities, people, and nature from original angles that express his deep love form and geometry. He discovered his artistic outlet with the help of his adventurous spirit, international experiences, close peers, and exploration of various hardware and photo editing software. Having always been fascinated by the culture and diversity of the world, he followed his love of foreign languages- with a camera in hand- to far away lands in Central & South America, Europe, and as far as Eastern Asia. Foreign countries gave him an opportunity to experiment with a wide range of landscapes, cities, foods, and people as his subjects.

After his education and time around the world doing world citizen-like things like education and philanthropy, he returned to Chicago and in an organic flow of creativity and energy, he formed his photography business, Formatografia (Formato surname + Fotografia Italian for photography = Formatografia). His innate dynamism pushed him to expand his scope of work to produce images and media across a broad range of photographic subgenres. These include fine art, interior design consulting, content marketing consulting, content creation, event photography, food photography, behind the scenes photography, among others. He prints on an ever-evolving array of materials and objects; he sees no limits in where his work could be printed. He also pursued entrepreneurship and design beyond photography and created his own fragrance line, clothing, and has also transformed office spaces in downtown Chicago from dull boring spaces into vibrant work places.

His work has been featured in artistic and commercial publications (such as Modern Luxury), art expos, galleries, restaurants, salons, community centers, and a variety of art/street festivals. His work is as eclectic as he is as a person, and he is continuously searching for new and exciting ways to print and showcase his work. He believes that photography should be mutual beneficial sensory experience by engaging and stimulating the senses and imagination, to See Your World in a New Way.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • The Center on Halsted
    Chicago, 2015
  • Robert Jeffery Salon
    Lakeview and Wicker Park, Chicago, 2015
  • Midsommar, Edgewater, Southport Art Festivals
    Chicago, 2015
  • RAW Artists Expos
    Chicago and Pittsburgh, 2014
  • Art and Craft Brew
    Wicker Park, Chicago,

Press and Accolades

    November 3, 2014
    May 24, 2016


  • Duquesne University, Dual Degree in Foreign Languages (Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin) and International Relations

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