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Wheeling, IL

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Wheeling, IL

About Elliott Aaron From
Elliott Aaron is an abstract expressionist artist in the medium of painting and performance art. His talent and creativity allow him to explore this uncharted hybrid of artistic expression and performance art. Since embarking on this path in 2007 his unique talents have made him a Chicago-land celebrity. He works closely with local and national professional sports teams. Most well-known is his celebrated connection to the 3-time Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks with whom he has had an ongoing business relationship for the last 8 years. Elliott’s love of painting is only paralleled by his love of helping those less fortunate. He has molded his successful business model around raising money for non-profit organizations. He is on track by end of 2018 to raise over $4,000,000 with the sales of his performance art.

Artist Statement
You ask a musician why he plays the blues, and he’s going to tell you it’s because it moves him. I create abstract paintings for the same reason; It defines me as an artist. My work is an exploration of shape and color, a way for me to push the boundaries of abstract work as a whole, and a means of connecting, visually and emotionally, with the viewer.

I am a performer as well as a painter, and often these two join forces. My paint brush becomes much more than what it is manufactured as—it becomes a working object, it becomes a palette knife, it becomes a drumstick. I often think of art movements and genres as music. Impressionism takes on classical, with singing strings—Pop and Street Art are electronic, incorporating synths and heavy beats—Abstract Expressionism is rock n’ roll, and alternative rock. When I paint, I can feel the brushes transform into an instrument, allowing me to explore the artistic musical painting I was made to create. I choose the pounding drums gathering vibrant, brazen and bold colors. My paintings are full of movement, color fields and texture— they are not built upon perfect composition or palpable subject matter. Spontaneity is a very important factor in creating my work.

To me, art is a means of personal expression. We are all born with some type of desire or passion or even a set skill. But there are some of us that are not as fortunate as others, some that never set this piece of themselves in motion. I believe if you realize you are an artist and truly know that it is your passion, you should honor your skill. Become that artist. There is certainly a level of respect that is owed to the craft.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • Mary R. Koch Arts Center
    Wichita, Kansas, 2018
  • Artbeat Gallery
    Buffalo Grove, IL, 2017

Press and Accolades

  • Just Lux
    July 5th, 2018
  • Bellus Magazine
    May 8th, 2018
  • The Art of The Times
    March 2018 Issue


  • Bradley University, BFA Painting
    Peoria, IL,1990 

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