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Elisa Niva

Philadelphia, PA

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Philadelphia, PA

Lifelong nomad Elisa Niva (b. 1993) is a painter and designer currently based in Philadelphia. A experimental creator her career started in fashion design where she had the opportunity to travel all over the world and get exposed to cultures and beauty and design all over the world. Inspired by her learning and exposure to ancient and modern art, design and architecture in the smallest villages to the biggest cities she started painting after quitting her corporate fashion job as a way to re discover and recenter her intuition as a creative.
Elisa's intuitive works start off as stain painting, with the paint going into and even through the canvas with bright colors balanced with earthy nuetrals. Elisa loves experimenting with unconventional ways of creating an image. Leaning into her lack of traditional official training she allows her intuition and eye for proportion to guide her as she creates her work. Elisa is inspired by depicting unseen energies and emotions onto canvas, leaning into the beauty of happy accidents, organic flow, texture, detrition and layered sheer washes.

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