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Donna Lomangino

Arlington, VA

About Donna Lomangino

Arlington, VA

Donna Lomangino's paintings explore the space between mind and matter, between potentiality and actuality. Abstracted seascapes and landscapes are painted from memory or reference in an extemporaneous fashion. Color, rhythm, brushstrokes, and scent of the oils enhance a subconscious process in which she
express a mood, a passion, a sense of isolation, and spirituality. Oil is Ms. Lomangino's preferred medium, although she also uses acrylics and mixed media, depending on the subject and intent of the piece. In her life and in her painting, Donna operates on an intuitive level, sometimes painting from reference, often from internal guidance.

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Other works by Donna Lomangino

Selected Exhibitions

Press and Accolades

  • Élan Magazine
    March 2020, pps 31 - 33
  • Portrait Competition, 1st Place, Jo Hay Open Studio, Provincetown MA
    October 2016
  • Solo Exhibit, Cornelia Street Cafe, Greenwich Village NY
    August/Sept 2013


  • GWU,
    Washington DC 
  • Corcoran School of Art,
    Washington DC 
  • University of Maryland,
    College Park MD 

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