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North Hollywood, CA

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North Hollywood, CA

Corrie Gregory’s work lives on the border between dreams and nightmares, where chance and control collide. Her art is born out of the investigation. Gregory notes, “I believe in the practice of art. Once I have the technical control, I am able to let go and open the process to the possibility of happenstance.”

She explores Jungian themes from the deep preconscious, themes that have appeared in fables around the world for hundreds of years and which continue to resonate today. Her animals take on human characteristics, and her humans, children all, exhibit animal parts, drawing a mystical connection between us and our animal nature. The characters in Gregory’s work sprout roots, float in the air, or do both. Her creatures are innocent and perplexed, sly and savvy, or passive and subject to the whims of nature, but never victims of their fate.

Gregory also draws inspiration from the mid-twentieth-century science, and medicine as well as her materials. Vintage doctors’ prescription pads are the canvas for much of her work. Her drawings on those aging pieces of paper to investigate the tension between our ability to rationally know or control and our deeper instinctive knowledge.

Gregory makes trouble at her studio in North Hollywood CA, where she lives with her husband Jeff, her dogs Max and Minnie and her garden.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • Parlor Domestic art project space
    Los Angeles CA , 2018
  • Fifth Floor Gallery
    Los Angeles CA , 2015
  • AndrewShire Gallery
    Los Angeles CA , 2007
  • Metro
    Los Angeles CA , 2006
  • Roark
    Los Angeles CA , 2002

Press and Accolades

  • The Garden Of Eye Candy/ Big Bros Workshop / Gingko Press


  • Otis College of Art and Design, BFA
    Los Angeles ,1991 

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