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Christine Auda

Waretown, NJ

About Christine Auda

Waretown, NJ

Christine Auda is a self-taught, modern, abstract acrylic painter and digital artist. She explores the joyful and quirky parts of life, inspired by nature, animals, urban landscapes, dreams, and culture.
Auda often paints with bold colors and marks, however she also enjoys working with a more muted palette and subtle imagery. Her art often expresses positive energy, love, joy, and whimsy. As an artist, she believes experimenting and evolving is both an important and fun part of the process.
While painting, Auda feels invigorated and guided on a spiritual level. She believes an energy takes over her brush or guides her pen on the computer tablet, and she experiences a flow state. It feels like a conversation between her conscious and subconscious, and she’s just along for the ride.

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