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Chandon Banning

Santa Fe, NM

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Santa Fe, NM


Born in Los Angeles, California and now residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Chandon Banning is a much coveted and highly respected American sculptor, painter, and mixed media artist.

Influenced by German visual artist, Gerhard Richter and Latvian-American abstract painter, Mark Rothko, her primary mediums are oil on canvas and texture-based fine arts—often large-scale abstracts—sculptures, mixed media pieces, organic assemblage, photographic imagery and architectural finishings.

Chandon’s specialized skills and visual works have been celebrated and sought after by Los Angeles industry leaders and A-listers in the entertainment, fine art, and design industries.

Notable works include: Six-foot sculptural re-imagining of the ‘Hollywood Bowl’s Frank Gehry Spheres’; Art sculpture featured on Larry David’s, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’

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