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Santa Monica, CA

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Santa Monica, CA

Casey Rickey grew up in the Bay Area in an extremely creative family with both sides of his family all playing musical instruments, with Casey playing the drums. He incorporates his deeply rooted understanding of music’s movement, variety, and tempo within his abstract works. When he paints, he's noticed the music he chooses to listen to plays a big role in the outcome of the piece. He is also very inspired by nature's forms, vivid colors, and textures and enjoys mountain biking and hiking in his free time to gain inspiration.

Casey is mostly self taught, although his Mom and Dad heavily encouraged creativity in him from a young age…from the moment he could hold a pencil, he was doodling and found a natural love for art. Rolls of paper on our kitchen floor, pots and pans on the ground for drums, and paint getting on our kitchen counters…this is the environment Casey was raised in.

After graduating from UCLA with a B.A. in Design Media Arts, Casey found himself painting large scale canvas pieces, utilizing his 4 years of art history and digital art learnings from school, stumbling upon his own unique abstract style, which he believes is the culmination of his diverse, creative background and life experience.

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  • UCLA, Design Media Arts
    Los Angeles, CA,2021 

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