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Subiaco, Australia

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Subiaco, Australia

Casey is from rural Western Australia, spending much or her childhood living in remote farming areas, surrounded by nature and the stark rich colours of the outback landscapes. Following graduation Casey spend 6 years living in the Kimberley region of Australia, it was here where Casey’s love for the ocean grew, and her sense of adventure and wonder to explore flourished. The Kimberley landscapes are so vivid in their colour, sometimes harsh, but always beautiful, spanning huge distances, and ever changing. A love of art has always been present, growing up with a creative nature, however this was directed more toward corporate life than artistic expression until Casey was 27 and had a life changing event. At this time, Casey turned to art for reprise from the corporate world and to express her creative nature, and in this moment was drawn to create pieces resembling Australian landscapes; and Casey Fry Art was born.

Of note, Casey has worked for Oil & Gas corporations for a decade in Australia and is equally passionate about using Petro-chemical products in her art; working mainly with epoxy resin & acrylic inks. Casey spent two years in Perth growing a following for her aerial inspired epoxy resin artwork and has more recently lived in Amsterdam the Netherlands for 12 months; is it this experience that has inspired her current collection ‘The 30 Series’. This collection was completed solely in an Amsterdam Studio, with the originals scanned at high resolution and now available in print format. The works are inspired by European destinations visited, and named after the stories, adventures & people on those journeys. Casey seeks to create a feeling of freedom and wanderlust in her artwork, inspiring others to seek out adventure and joy in their life.

Casey is most proud of her adaption in creating photographic like art of nature and especially the ocean. Casey is committed to ever changing and adapting, experimenting with new techniques & always seeking new ways of working. Most recently the major influences on Casey’s art are Mary Weatherford works, and the various contemporary Dutch & Scandinavian styles seen throughout her stay in the Netherlands. Going forward, the next level of experimentation and inspiration for a second collection sits with street art as a major influence. Casey wishes to incorporate some bold colours among her subtle, earthy and pastel tones, and explore the world of public performance & artwork creation. Watch this space, big things are evolving.

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Other works by Casey Fry

Selected Exhibitions

  • Livid Skate Exhibition
    Perth, 2022
  • Livid Gallery
    Perth, 2019
  • Livid Skate Exhibition
    Perth, 2019
  • Livid Skate Exhibition
    Perth, Western Australia, 2018
  • Show House @character_living homes
    Perth, Western Australia, 2017

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