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Carol Hakobian

Van Nuys, CA

About Carol Hakobian

Van Nuys, CA

Carol Hakobian did not start out to be an artist. For many years, she developed her unique perspective through teaching children the art of observation. After all, being keen observers in our world enables one to interpret and make decisions. Based in Los Angeles, Carol's interest in photography developed while taking candid portraits of students, interacting with friends, sometimes silly, sometimes goofy, doing what kids do when they think no one is looking. These were displayed each year at their culminating ceremony. No longer teaching, Carol has turned her attention to the outdoors and captures what she observes in order to bring others into the feeling of the moment. This could be sweeping landscapes that might soon disappear, patterns in the land created by nature, intense plays of color, or the small things people tend to walk by. Animals are inherently interesting and Carol's background in candid shots leads her to capture wildlife doing what animals do in their environment. Ultimately, Carol hopes her photography will not only envelope viewers in a moment in time, but perhaps inspire them to appreciate and take care of their natural world.

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  • CSU, Northridge, BA English Literature
    Los Angeles, California,1999 

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