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Brigitte Balbinot

Wellington, FL

About Brigitte Balbinot

Wellington, FL

Origins and influences…

Contemporary abstract artist Brigitte Balbinot grew up Switzerland. She is a full-time practicing artist who now works and lives in South Florida. Having both a Swiss and Italian heritage, her solid footprint in the old continent can be observed in her work from the choice of materials she uses to the intricate surfaces that she crafts. Her work is very much inspired by the natural world, its universal laws and spirituality, alluding to life's impermanence.

The Terra Collection – These works are inspired by the various organic surfaces that can be found in nature and the landscape itself. Using cold wax and oil mediums, these pieces showcase textured surfaces and the use of aggregates such as raw pigments from mother earth.

The Ein Sof Collection – In this collection, Balbinot showcases a different approach to her work with more structured compositions that can be positioned either vertically (metaphor for the tree of life) or horizontally (metaphor for the landscape). These works are more conceptual and minimalist in nature. As part of her creative process, Balbinot explores the impact of meditation to open new creative, while remaining in a state of coherence. The use of solfeggio arpeggios and Tibetan healing sounds is often part of the creative process.

The Soham Collection – Are comprised of six pieces that were created for Balbinot's Solo Exhibit at Corazon Contemporary in Santa Fe, debut September 2022. These large-scale encaustic paintings are more minimalist and monochromatic than prior works, showcasing the depth and beauty of this very particular medium. Countless layers of wax are applied, molten at first, then fused with a blow torch. The techniques used include carving, scraping previous layers, and fusing, revealing the painting history, creating incredible visual depth.

About the process…

Balbinot works with different mediums such as oil, and the mix of cold and hot beeswax, also known as encaustic. Encaustic is a medium dating back to the Greco Romans that requires the use of heat to fuse each layer application. Her process is complex and requires many months to reach completion. Techniques such as solvent reduction, the use of organic materials and aggregates, such as dry pigments or marble dust, are mixed directly with the paint, allowing her to create rich and vibrant patinas of textures and colors. The crafting of these intricate and complex surfaces emphasizes the physicality of the material. The end result are surfaces that are very complex, celebrating the passage of time and life’s impermanence.

Balbinot is self-taught. Over the years she has been perfecting her skills through numerous workshops, classes, and mentorships, which has resulted in an ongoing progression of her work. She has collaborated on residential and commercial commissions in Canada and in the United States and has collectors in both North America and Europe. Currently the artist shows her work in national galleries and selected curated exhibits.

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